Genome number 1 is funded!

Genome number 1 is funded!

12th December 2015 0 By admin

Yes, it’s true, we’ve now raised enough to sequence the first genome of the Manx cat!

Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated or bought a wristband. An additional thank you to all the Manx owners who have offered us their cat’s DNA for sequencing! We’ll be looking at all the details over the holiday period and the first cat will be chosen and announced in the new year. If your cat isn’t chosen to be the first cat sequenced don’t be disheartened as we’re determined to sequence further cats. 

We’re still fundraising for additional Manx cat genomes so if you know of people who might be interested in donating please continue to spread the word. If we only sequence one cat then we might now know which mutations are Manx-related and which are specific to that individual cat, so the more kitties we can sequence the better. 

Thank you all again and we’ll have more updates in January as we start the process of sequencing the first cat!